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15th November 2013
Merry Christmas!

I HADN'T planned to start this blog until the shiny bright New Year, but it seems 2013 has already been written off by many - mostly supermarkets apparently.

We’ve discussed it at FFP Towers and broadly commiserate with those who are irritated by the invasion of Christmas adverts the moment Guy Fawkes is toast for another year. Indeed, just this week a client laughed at my look of horror when he described November as ‘the run up to Christmas’. It’s OK, he’s a long-standing client who doesn’t mind me telling you.

Although we are already putting the finishing touches to several content projects for 2014, what’s fascinating is how different industries are approaching the festive period this year. One or two have already started winding down it seems, but FFP is finding this approach a bit alien to be honest.

If you work on a big newspaper or for a leading broadcaster, you’re often lucky to get Christmas day off. That said, some of our writers are starting to tell me that, even in this industry, things seem to be changing – you might even get New Year’s Day off if you’re nice to your editor... and you’ve filed your copy for the next month.

But I don’t believe the apparent gap between this week and the first week of January should make us worry that we’re an increasingly lazy nation. First, a number of our overseas clients are doing the same thing. And second, over the last few years we’ve noticed other seasonal dips in activity disappear entirely. For us, Easter and, in particular, the summer now represent some of our busiest periods. With the increasing speed and level of efficiency at which we must all operate, it makes me wonder if the Christmas lull is less of a creeping lethargy and more a symptom of the energy we commit to the rest of the year.

That said, no, FFP certainly won’t be shutting up shop in the upcoming season, there’s far too much going on. We’re not writing off the year just yet.